The Chaser

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The Chaser

The Chaser is my step up surfboard, but unlike most step up boards it can be ridden a few inches shorter than what you would a mini gun.  

This is due to a more forward wide point and what I call “a fuller stringer line” which gives fantastic paddle power and stability, under the chest and front foot.  

Add to this a touch lower nose rocker curve, what you get is a board that is already up and plaining, while the other guys are wondering how to negotiate the drop.  

The bottom concaves are kept quite simple, light single to double with a touch of vee out the tail giving it great speed and drive making it a barrel chasing machine.  

Because all the buoyancy is through the centre of the board, the Chaser has a low rail profile, so you can put it on edge and lay right into big bottom hand turns and power hacks.

I guess to sum it up, you are into the wave early with precise lines and speed to spare.

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