The Manic

Paddles like a demon!!

The Manic

The Manic came about from so many surfers wanting a board that "paddles like a demon" yet turns off the tail like a shortboard.

It is for all the frothers out there who want to catch everything and still blast the fins out the back of the wave. So starting with the front end of the Magic Bean which I already new to be a paddle and speed machine I changed a few things.

With the bottom curve, it has a flat entry at the nose then going into a single concave under the chest and spliting of to double under the back foot with vee out through the tail. This does two things, it gives a speed line through the center of the board for water flow but also gives the rail line a full curve which has the illusion and manoeuvrability of a board with much more rocker.

Combining this with a rounded square tail you get a board that not only paddles well but can be whipped around in tight sections and a touch of area to float and slide the tail when you want to.

This is the board to not only battle the crowds (or your not so peek phisical condition) and still surf at the top of your game. Enjoy.

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