Magic Bean

Pure craic!!

Magic Bean

The Magic Bean surfboard is a fun board pure and simple, its my go to shape for waves ranging from two to five foot.

Whether its beach breaks, long points or slabs your riding it doesn't mater it loves them all. It has a low rocker line and wide nose outline giving it great paddle power and the single concave entry generates speed to fly into waves and around sections.

Don't let that fool you though, with the pulled in round tail and vee under your back foot you can lay it right over to whack under the lip or do full rotation cutbacks and is a wonder for smooth rail to rail surfing.

I ride my Magic Bean two inches shorter than my normal shortboard but depending on your ability and wants out of a board it can be made to suit anybody. Recently I shaped the Magic Bean Surfboard with a swallow tail and it rips!

resin tint custom surfboard
From €530
5'6 - 6'8
Pulled in Rounded Tail
Full Nose, Low Rocker

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