Flying Dutchman

Zee Dutch are coming

Flying Dutchman

This board came around as a first step off the big foamies into the realm of fibreglass.

In my opinion, learners should wait till they have more experience to try a longboard. That is why I designed the Flying Dutchman. It is a big buoyant board which isn't a full longboard nor is it a minimal.

With a full outline, a square tail, a bit wider than the norm, and full rails I can get a heap of foam into this board.

The bottom concaves stay quite subtle and flat for stability but with a bit of vee through the back foot and a full rocker line, you can still glide through turns. Basically, a ton of volume so we can keep up the stoke that comes with catching heaps of waves.

So just like its name suggests this board seems to move and turn without any help at all.

I would make this board in the 8' to 8'10 range but can be shortened up for any hobbits looking for their very first fibreglass board, their precious!

Eggs, Mini Mal, and Funboard Surfboards

Designed and built in Ennistymon Co. Clare

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